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"Wow! Your Wordsearch Kit is amazing! My students love the puzzles I can toss together in ten minutes. It makes teaching even more rewarding."
-David, Taiwan
This page contains optional Word Search Construction Kit files available for download.

  Word Search Construction Kit Help  

This is the complete Word Search Construction Kit Help documentation. This information is also available from the Help menu within Word Search Construction Kit.

wskhelp.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 824,328 bytes)
This installation file will install the help file in MS Word format. (Created: 12/04/03  Size: 604,490 bytes)
This zip file contains the help file in MS Word format.

wskit.chm (Created: 11/18/03  Size: 685,744 bytes)
The help file in HTML Help format. This file can be viewed using the HTML Help program. HTML Help is installed by default on Windows XP or later but may need to be installed on other versions of Windows before you can view this file.

  Word Search Construction Kit dictionary files  

Download Dictionaries in EXE Format
   Dutch Dictionary (451K)    Italian Dictionary (435K)
   French Dictionary (253K)    Spanish Dictionary (408K)
   German Dictionary (520K)    Swedish Dictionary (254K)

  Word Search Puzzles  

Download Word Search Puzzle Collections, Shapes and Layouts from our collections page.

  Java Runtime Environment (JRE)  

To solve puzzles on your computer you will need the JRE if it is not already installed.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Download the JRE from Sun's website.