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"Terrific program and easy. If nothing else just plain fun to play with. Will be used for newsletters and romantic notes."
-Eileen, Michigan
version 4.0d

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Version 4.0d

  • Fixed a bug where the complete.wav and the win.wav sounds were the same.
  • Fixed a bug where the puzzle editor window could be resized such that controls overlapped each other.
  • Fixed a bug where some artifacts were displayed between the checkbox and the arrow in the word direction selector.
  • Added minimum dimensions to the puzzle editor window to prevent overlapping of controls.
  • When exporting the puzzle for the Java player, the sound files are now exported as well.
  • The category list is now sorted properly.
  • The "Creation Attempts" dialog now dismisses itself automatically.
  • The "Puzzle Generated" dialog that displays when printing a puzzle is now dismissed automatically.
  • Fixed an invalid floating point error that occurred when printing a puzzle.
  • Added a notification for when the user attempts to create a file in a directory that he/she doesn't have write permissions to.
  • Fixed a divide-by-zero error.
  • Removed the All Users Use Same Settings option for Windows Vista.
  • The preferences are always saved in HKCU on Windows Vista.
  • The installer has been updated to work correctly on Windows Vista.
  • After the license is successfully entered from the reminder dialog, the reminder dialog is closed.
  • Updated some of the installer panels to make them clearer.
  • Fixed a problem in the installer where the Start Menu folder selection was being ignored.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 4.0c
    version 4.0b
    version 4.0a
    version 4.0
    version 3.x

Revision history for current version
    Current version